Enjoy March Madness with good friends, great food, and cold beer

March MadnessThe NCAA Tournament is already well underway after Thursday’s action. We nearly had a thrilling last-second comeback by Saint Mary’s, a massive upset by the gentlemen of Harvard, and some massive blowout wins by VCU and Syracuse! And that’s all without mentioning that No. 16-seeded Southern┬ácame awfully close to pulling off the first ever opening round win over a No. 1 seed.

In other words, that madness of March is fully underway! If your bracket is still alive and well for whatever pools you’ve joined, come on in and have a nice meal and a cold beer to enjoy those first-day bragging rights. And if your bracket went into the dumps with losses from the likes of UNLV, New Mexico, and Oklahoma State, come in and┬áhave a beer and a meal to enjoy the games without stressing about your bracket any longer. Heck, if your bracket took the plunge into obscurity on day one, you deserve to come eat away your feelings. You wouldn’t be the only ones.

Regardless, there are going to be 16 tournament games played on Friday, eight on Saturday, and eight on Sunday! It’s a heck of a weekend to come on out and let your inner college basketball fan run wild.

Come on in and watch some games with us!