What some customers are saying about Cool Hand Luke’s

What are they sayingWe won’t be shy about saying we think highly of the dining experience we provide. After all, if we weren’t doing our absolute best for you each time you come visit us, we would be letting 0urselves down as much as we let you down. But we never want that to be the case, and according to a few reviews we’ve found from around the web, it seems we’re keeping up with expectations that our guests have for us.

So for today, rather than letting us try and tell you about things you might love about Cool Hand Luke’s, we want to let a few of our customers’ reviews online tell that tale! Have a look at some below…

“My Wife and I go here on occasion…. and we haven’t been disappointed yet. We both have a tendancy to order “Med-Rare” and it is usually right on the spot.  The food is not bland, very little seasoning needs to be done. Some folks add steak-sauce, or whatever.. this is a steak that pretty much stands on its own taste. The Extras are really good also. Check out the Menu’s that are attached on the pictures… this place is relatively cheap for a Steakhouse… The place has its own western charm also, its not just a building with tables, and chairs, this place has character. My wife LIKES this place, and if you knew her, you would be impressed with that. On our 1st anniversary, we went to an Angus Steakhouse down in LA, and had a really bad experience with them, so bad, we havent been back…. even to one of their chains in a different city… my wife is PICKY. So… if SHE likes this place, that is saying something.   :)   —  Gerry E. - Arroyo Grande, CA


We used them for catering an event and they were great. Food was good service was good. They made it so easy for us we just let them know the number of people what food we wanted and that was it they did everything!”   —   Brittany L. – Clovis, CA


“My wife and I were visiting friends in Riverbank, and we all went to eat here before a movie.

I was very impressed with all aspects of my dining experience. I laughed with my wife that I even felt like a cowboy.

If you could only imagine eating somewhere in rural Texas, this is the kind of food, service, and atmosphere you’d expect to have. Everything  from the huge mason jars you drink out of, to the huge servings, this place is a great place for families, people with children, and young couples.

Now I just wish we had something like this back at home in Napa.”   —   Gregory N. – Running Spring, CA