Class up your beverage choice with this martini

stagecoach martini_02When it comes to beverages, we’ve got the essential choices in sodas. We’ve also got a handful of beers available to order. We even have lemonade served in a mason jar!

But once in a while you’ll reach a time where you just feel like going a bit more classy with your beverage, and for that, we have our Cool Hand Luke’s Stagecoach Martini!

There are plenty of things you could order from the Saloon, but this is one we take particular pride in this one. Just take a look at it. How is that not enticing enough to want in front of you?

So whether a martini is a regular favorite of yours, or if you’re wanting to class things up and kick back a bit more, give our Stagecoach Martini a try on your next visit to Luke’s!