Let atmosphere and attitude decide where you dine

Pictures-011Back in 1999, a little movie called Office Space had a quote from a manager of a restaurant in the film called Chotchkie’s. He said, “People can get a cheeseburger anywhere. They come to Chotchkie’s for the atmosphere and the attitude.”

Even though that character was somewhat of an antagonist in that film, that little saying does carry some weight.

As much as we aim to have our food at Cool Hand Luke’s stand out as something memorable on its own, we’re not about to let your experience stop there. We believe that the experience of dining out can, and should, go well above and beyond just the food. After all, it isn’t just quality food that makes the coolest joint in town live up to that kind of claim.

Part of the restaurant experience should give the visitor a feel as though they’ve entered a bit of a different world. While it might not be a bad thing to have the décor of a restaurant reflect the décor of something like one’s home, why not go with something a little bit more exciting? Something a bit uncommon? That kind of excitement is part of what makes eating out a thrill each time. And in the case of Cool Hand Luke’s, it’s like a trip back to the old West!

We’re aiming to be an experience rather than just a meal. If that means you come here for some drinks and a small bite to eat while you watch a game from time to time, or if you’re bringing out the whole family for something fancy, we want to make the experience worthwhile.

You could get a steak at a lot of different places, but at Luke’s we’ve got an atmosphere and a great attitude waiting for you. But we believe our steaks are as good as they come too, so come on in and visit us!