We’ll finish feedin’ ya with our strawberry pizza

Strawberry pizzaDessert is one of those things that often times can feel like there’s no room left for it to go. But doesn’t it seem like every time you throw caution to the wind and indulge yourself, it turns out there was just a little bit of room left after all?

The only thing you won’t have left is any shred of regret. Any meal rounded out with the right dessert just doesn’t have room for any of that kind of negative reflection. And when it comes to desserts, there’s one we have that is known to be the Best in the West! That, of course, would be our strawberry pizza.

We start off with a flaky pastry crust and layer it with a sweet cream cheese filling. Then it’s covered with fresh strawberries, glaze, and fresh whipping cream. Such a concoction is perfect for sharing, just so everyone at the table gets to finish their meal strong, but if you decide to hog it all, we fully understand! And with something as tasty as this dessert, we don’t think it will be out of the question for you to want it all for yourself.

Whether it’s for sharing among friends and family, or just making darn sure you’re leaving our restaurant full as can be, give our strawberry pizza a try on your next visit!