No distraction of sports today, just good food and good company

No SportsIf you find yourself tuning into any major sports networks today or wondering why the sports segment of your local news was so thin, it’s because today is ultimate calm in the sports world. You might get some highlights and recaps of Tuesday night’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game, but as far as hard news, that’ll just about do it.

The NBA and NHL are both still fresh into their offseasons, but well after their drafts, so no news there. The NFL is still weeks away from training camps opening, and unless you’re interested in what players are doing with their summer, nothing to see there either. Then to cap it off, all of baseball has the day off for the actual “break” portion of the all-star break. Golf, tennis, and racing can’t┬ápick up any slack either. Even the NBA Summer League doesn’t have any games scheduled. Safe to say, this day is dead in the sports world.

So for today, you’ve got nothing to linger in the back of your mind during prime time hours. All you have to worry about if you go out to eat Wednesday night is the good food and good company you’ve got with you! Get out and make something great out of this day by focusing on everything but sports. Sure, that might sound a little bit crazy, because we do love the excitement of watching games in the Saloon, but there’s plenty more that can be enjoyed as well. Hang out and eat with people you love, maybe even turn off the cell phones at the table and focus only on good conversation and good eats.

This kind of day only comes once a year, so rather than let it go by unceremoniously, do something different with it. Come on in to visit us at The Coolest Joint in Town for the good food and good company that can make this meal a little bit more memorable.