How to perfect Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese copyMac and Cheese is a great dish on its own. It’s so simple with its combination of two things people love in pasta and cheese, yet delicious and filling all at the same time.

Just because something is so great and widely loved, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. And like so many things, improvement is a simple step away… Add bacon! That small addition gives a massive, yet still simple improvement to this dish. Pasta, cheese, and bacon; you could add those three things to just about anything to make them better, so it only makes sense that the three of them combined is something excellent.

At Cool Hand Luke’s, you can get our Bacon Mac and Cheese as one of our Skillet Sides to go along with your meal. It’s a little bit extra, but if there’s one truth in this world, it’s that bacon is always worth a little extra!

So take your side dish from something great to something epic and give our Bacon Mac and Cheese a try on your next visit to The Coolest Joint in Town!