World Series

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For the first time since 1995 the two teams with the best record in baseball will square off.  In 1995 the Atlanta Braves beat the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series.  Tom Glavine was the MVP and it was the only World Series Title for baseball’s team of the 90′s.  Which begs the question, who will be the World Series MVP this time around?

There are a number of viable candidates two of which are featured in the image we’ve got at the top of this blog, but our pick is Carlos Beltran.  We aren’t picking sides in this one, but look at Beltran’s postseason numbers they’re unbelievable.  It’ll probably be someone else who wins the MVP Award, but there is one thing we’re sure about when it comes to the game tonight and that’s that the best place to watch it is Cool Hand Luke’s!

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