David Wise Earns Gold Medal for U.S.

David WiseWith a  husband and father first, freestyle skier second mentality, it is easy to see the extra motivation for David Wise that was present in Sochi as he dropped into the halfpipe for his run at gold in halfpipe skiing. That same motivation may be a large contributor to him becoming an Olympic champion as well. With the sloppy snow and sleet, visibility was not the best to say the least, but it was good enough for Wise to be able to see the large pop-out pictures of his 2-year-old daughter Nayeli stapled to wooden sticks at the bottom of the run.

23-year-old Wise began his run into history shortly thereafter and wound up scoring a 92, 1.4 points better than second place Mike Riddle from Canada and scoring him his first gold medal, and the 6th gold medal for the United States in these Olympic Games. In his gold medal run, Wise landed a variety of different jumps: 2 1/2 spins; two flips with 3 1/2 spins; back-to-back 720-degree spins; then another two-flip, 1260-degree move. Several of these jumps were 14 to 15 feet above the pipe with fancy grabs that scored him major points with the judges and the picture-perfect landings were the keys to his gold medal.

David Wise’s amazing gold medal run is just one of several different stories that are grabbing major headlines at the Olympic Games. From the gold medal run in ice dancing by Meryl Davis and Charlie White, to the emotional victory of the US hockey team over Russia which went into a 8 round shootout. There is a long list of stories and regardless of what your interest is, there is sure to be an Olympic Event for you.

We can’t wait to watch these Olympic athletes and others make their respective runs at Olympic Gold and a shot a history. Come in and join us at the Saloon to cheer on your favorite athlete.

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