Sochi Olympic Games have begun!

oly_g_white11_600x600Russia gave its highest Olympic honor to two of its greatest champions, hockey legend Vladislav Tretiak and figure skater Irina Rodnina. These two used the torch to light the Olympic cauldron Friday and conclude the opening ceremony. Going into the ceremony, the identity of the cauldron lighter was the great mystery, as it usually is in many Olympics. Other Russian athletes, including stars like Maria Sharapova,┬áparticipated in the opening ceremony to what will be the most expensive Olympics ever. Tretiak and Rodnina both have three gold medals for the former USSR, while Tretiak holds a silver medal from the “Miracle on Ice” game.

These Olympic games and the opening ceremony give Russia the chance to tell its story of post-Soviet resurrection to the world, and dispel any anger, fear or suspicion that has marred the buildup to these games. Meanwhile, from D.C., Obama claimed that America was as proud as it could be of its athletes who are competing in Sochi, as he told U.S. athletes through a brief video that they are an inspiration to the nation.

Over the next two weeks, 3,000 athletes will compete in 98 events, which is more people and contests than ever before at a Winter Games.

Prior to the athletes’ entrance, however, there was a slight hiccup when only four of the five Olympic rings materialized in a winter themed opening scene.

When five large, glowing snowflakes emerged from a whimsical opening meant to depict the four seasons, they began to float to the top of the stadium. One by one, they began to morph into rings, but only four┬ácame together,┬áleaving the fifth a snowflake stuck behind them. The plan was that they were to join together and erupt in pyrotechnics to start the party off. Rather, they were darkened and moved out of the stadium as Putin was introduced. However, the broken snowflake isn’t the first malfunction in Olympic history, with Vancouver, Sydney, and Seoul having issues with the torch lighting.

The Sochi Olympic Games are sure to be a memorable games, and there is plenty of action to go around. Everything from snowboarding, to figure skating, to hockey, to downhill skiing, the 2014 games are sure to have plenty to draw your attention. Click here for a link to the schedule of the events coming up to plan out that time where your favorite event is to be televised. Come on in and watch the best athletes in the world compete for Olympic gold and enjoy a delicious dinner and environment as you cheer on your favorite athletes!



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