NBA Playoffs are Here!

NBA PlayoffsTomorrow marks the beginning of the NBA Playoffs for the year 2014! There are a number of great games in the forecast and the excitement will only continue to build. So, who is in this year’s Playoffs? Let’s explore a little bit, shall we?

Let’s start with the Eastern Conference. The top seed in the East this year is the Indiana Pacers, and they will host the Atlanta Hawks. Even the 1 vs. 8 seed will surely shape up to be an interesting matchup, but that’s just where the fun begins. Following in the East, the Miami Heat will faceoff with the Charlotte Bobcats, the Toronto Raptors will take on the Brooklyn Nets, and finally the Chicago Bulls will take on the Washington Wizards. Not enough excitement for you? Good news is that is just half the field in this years playoffs.

Moving onto the Western Conference, the San Antonio Spurs claim the top spot, holding the best record in the West. They will host the Dallas Mavericks in a showdown for a battle of state bragging rights. The Oklahoma City Thunder and Kevin Durant will take on the Memphis Grizzlies, the Los Angeles Clippers will host the Golden State Warriors, and the Houston Rockets will lock up with the Portland Trail Blazers.

So, just who will move on to keep their hopes of an NBA Finals trophy alive? It’s anybody’s guess really. Teams from all across the country will be hooking up to fight for their right to hoist the trophy, but in the end there will only be one. Who is your pick to win it all? Will it be the high-flying Clippers or the old school Spurs coming out of the West? Will it be King James and his Miami Heat returning to the NBA Finals or will there be a new king of the East? Join us as we watch the stories unfold and teams fight to stay alive in the 2014 NBA Playoffs!

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