Kids are Welcome!

chcikenstripsHere at Cool Hand Luke’s, we like to help foster the feeling of family. To go along with this attitude and environment of family, we are happy to invite you to bring the whole family along! We’ve got a menu fit perfect for your Jr. deputy to leave here filled and happy, setting up perfectly for a happy family outing that you are sure to remember.

Our Junior Deputy menu features a number of delicious items that your little ones are sure to love. Among them include our delicious burger sliders. Burgers are a staple in a child’s diet and sure to make nearly every kid a happy camper for dinner with a pair of sliders made of the same food as the grown ups are eating.

But if your little one isn’t wanting a hamburger, there are a number of other options that are available. One of the other more popular among kids is the option of our delicious chicken critters. Crispy chicken strips that are good enough to make your mouth water, and you grown ups might even be tempted to steal one or two when your child isn’t looking. Regardless, these tasty chicken strips, like every other item on our Junior Deputy menu, are served with a yummy side dish. Your junior will have his choice of fries, Fuji apples, or oranges. Come on in and let your Junior Deputy enjoy his night out too with a family dinner that you are sure to remember for a while to come!

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