Join the Chicken Club!

Buffalo Chicken Club SandwichHow does the saying go? Winner-winner chicken dinner? This delicious dinner definitely falls in line with that saying. Our chicken club sandwich is a game-changer. Layered with chicken and a number of different toppings, you will be able to quickly taste what we’re talking about.

We start off with a perfectly cooked chicken breast. The central part of the sandwich and a classic ingredient, this piece of chicken will change your view of the chicken club! But hold it, we’ve only just begun. On top of our juicy chicken breast is a choice selection of crispy bacon. The crispiness of the bacon gives a crisp texture to the sandwich that is a part of this classic meal. To give this dinner a cool freshness, we throw on fresh lettuce, tomato, and avocado. These fresh selections of fruits and vegetables are a cool freshness that will flow through your mouth.

But the icing on the cake is our seared white onion placed on a French roll with mayo. Throw all of these different ingredients together and you will get a delicious dinner plate that will satisfy your taste buds and your stomach. At $11.50, it’s even going to satisfy your wallet.

Come on in to join us for dinner, and enjoy the Old West for a night as you indulge yourself in this delicious chicken classic!

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