Potato Skins, Loaded with Health Benefits

Loaded bacon skinsLoaded cheesy potatoes are a famous side dish, and rightfully so. The flavor combination is something that gets your mouth watering just merely thinking about them. But ingredient by ingredient, there are several health benefits to this tasty side dish.

Potatoes are starchy, root vegetables that contain and provide a good amount of fiber, particularly the skins of the potatoes. Fiber helps to lower cholesterol, reduces risk of type 2 diabetes, stabilizes mood, and helps you to keep feeling full to help lose weight. They also are a fantastic source of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that could help prevent or manage arthritis, and improve your skin, hair, and eye health. Potatoes also have a lot of potassium which can help to lower blood pressure. Vitamin C found in potatoes also is great for joint health.

So those are some of the health benefits of potatoes, but we have only just covered our bases. Cheese is a great source of protein and calcium. Because protein helps to curb your hunger, helping you to feel full and satisfied which can also contribute to weight loss. If part of a well-rounded diet, the protein which is found in cheese can slow down how your body absorbs carbohydrates which are eaten at the same meal or whenever it is that you are eating. Because of this, it is great in helping you balance blood-sugar levels as well as improve your mood.

The calcium in cheese helps keep your teeth and bones strong as well as it could guard against osteoporosis. In women, it can help to relieve some PMS symptoms. In addition to these health values, cheese has several other nutrients like zinc and biotin. Zinc helps in growth and repair of tissue, prevents and treats macular degeneration, which is a disease that affects vision. It also aids in protecting your skin and keeps nails strong. Both these nutrients are major contributors in hair health.

All these health factors considered, there is nothing that beats the taste of these delicious loaded potato skins, and it makes a perfect side for any dinner dish. Come on in and try them out for yourselves, we’re sure that you won’t regret it.

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