Chile Lime Chicken Dinner

Chile LimeA well cooked piece of chicken serves as an entrée that competes with some of the best entrée dishes available. We here at Cool Hand Luke’s do our best to ensure that your dinner tonight is the best you have had in quite some time. One of our favorites is our famous chile lime chicken skewers.

To start off this delicious dinner, we take a selection of our finest chicken and begin to prepare it. The chicken is good by itself, but we never just satisfy for good in a dinner meal. Marinating the chicken in a chile lime sauce helps the chicken reach a whole new level of flavor. The chile lime sauce helps to give a spicy sour kick to the chicken, putting it over the top and delicious main portion of this entrée dish. One skewer of chile lime chicken would be good, but like we said before, good is not enough. This succulent dish features not one, but two chicken skewers.

But hold on, we aren’t through just yet. Each and every one of our chicken skewer dinners is served with a bed of rice to compliment the chicken, together with a third kabob. This time, however, with our delicious selection of choice vegetables. This dinner meal is a meal that is built to make your taste buds thank you, your friends and loved ones thank you, and most of all, a full stomach will be sure to thank you.

Every meal here at Cool Hand Luke’s is also served with your choice of our legendary sides. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us and try it out for yourself. We are sure that you won’t regret it. We’ll see you soon!

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