Flip for Tri-Tip

IMG_5247_2Steak is one of those dishes where you just can’t go wrong. And steak also comes in many forms, all of them great. There’s plenty of variation to be had from just a single, thick cut of beef cooked up to juicy perfection.

One of the other great ways of enjoying steak is when a hearty 12 ounces are cut into strips and loaded with sautéed mushrooms. That’s what you’ll get with our Hand Carved Tri-Tip!

We take all 12 ounces of sliced Santa Maria tri-tip and load them with those sautéed mushrooms that so excellently accompany any steak. You’re also getting the same juicy goodness you’d expect from any steak, as well as something that is a favorite among steak toppers to round it out. And that’s just the main entrée too. You’ll also get the normal assortment of sides, from our warm sourdough rolls, to whichever side dish you prefer out of our Longhorn Rice Pilaf, Garlic Red Mashers, a Baked Idaho Potato, Fancy Greenbeans, or Steak Fries.

It might not be steak served in the form you’re most familiar with, but it’ll still pack a flavor that will melt your taste buds. Come on in and give it a try!