Start Things Off Right

Potato-SkinsYou can’t go wrong with potato skins. Heck, most ways of preparing potatoes are going to turn out just fine for your taste buds, especially when you throw cheese and bacon into the mix with them.

So when you take some thick-cut wedges of potato, cook them to a slight crisp, melt some cheese over them, and top it all off with bacon, you’re going to be in a good place. With some chopped up chives and sour cream to round it all off, you have what many consider to be the perfect appetizer.

It’s one of those dishes that is tasty enough that you want to eat slow and savor the flavor. And the amount of time it takes to properly savor it all is usually just about the time it’ll take for your entrée to make it in front of you.

But even if the entrées come before the potato skins are gone, such an appetizer never goes unfinished. Go ahead, we dare you to find a table where anyone shared an appetizer of potato skins and didn’t finish them all! It just doesn’t happen, if nothing else than for the bacon alone.

At worst, you might sometimes see the awkward exchange of, “Are you going to eat that last one?”

But anyone who asks that question hopes deep down that their courtesy to at least ask is rewarded with an answer that will enable them a green light to enjoy that one last wedge of potato excellence.

Potato skins are the perfect way to make sure your taste buds are satisfied for the maximum amount of time, so give them a try today!

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