Loading a potato is a no-brainer

CheeseAdding cheese and bacon to anything is generally an idea that will earn thanks from one’s taste buds. It’s a topping that just seems to make anything better, and while cheese and bacon might not sound like the most health of things, just remember the importance of mental and emotional health. Those are always improved by excellent taste.

But while anything can be improved with cheese and bacon, perhaps nothing gets as big of a boost in flavor as potatoes do from the addition of cheese and bacon. And that boost can be had for only a buck!

That’s a small price to pay for a tremendous bounty of flavor. And you know full well that you’ll never look back on it and think, “That would have been better without the cheese and bacon.”

That kind of thing just won’t happen. Bacon on it’s own is going to make anything better, and when coupled with cheese, bacon gets an enhancement of its own. Throw in a potato, no matter if it’s baked or in the form of fries, and you’ve got a flavor trifecta that will never go wrong!