A Healthy Dinner

1574R-016162A food that works to strengthen your muscles and heart to reduce chances of developing several diseases among other health factors sounds like a smart thing to eat, right? Studies show that eating fatty acid rich salmon may help you live a longer, healthier life.

Muscle and Tissue Benefits

The protein in salmon is easy for people to digest and absorb into their bodies, it also doesn’t have cancer causing substances like some other protein sources. Proteins which are also referred to as amino acids and are vital to your entire body’s health. Salmon’s main health benefit is that it’s an excellent fat or the Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as being rich in Vitamins A, B and D, calcium, iron, and other minerals as well.

Heart Health

The above mentioned Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help lower cholesterol. Typically, the first thing doctors recommend after a heart attack is lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides levels. Salmon both lowers bad cholesterol while raising your good cholesterol (HDL). Salmon can help repair heart damage as well as strengthen the heart muscles. Salmon is a great aid in lowering blood pressure and can even prevent hardening of your arteries, lowering the chances of having a heart attack.

Brain and Nerve Benefits

Those very same Omega-3 fatty acids help the brain work better and actually improve memory. Together with Vitamins A and D, amino acids and selenium also protect the nervous system from the effects of aging, making salmon a natural anti depressant. Eating salmon has been shown to lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson diseases, two of the biggest threats which come with aging. Omega-3 acids also help prevent blood clots which can lessen your chances of having strokes.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Eating salmon also makes for a faster metabolism. This facilitates the sugar absorption rate and can lower blood sugar levels, lowering the risk of developing diabetes.

The Omega-3 acids and amino acids fight against macular degeneration, an age-related condition that affects older people and can result in vision damage and loss.

Salmon consumption can even help make hair shinier, eyes brighter, and healthier skin. Credit those Omega-3 fatty acids and selenium in the salmon for that.

With all of these health factors as well as the incredible taste that comes with our campfire salmon, it’s difficult to argue against our famous campfire salmon. Come on in and try it for yourself today!



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