A shrimp skewer to compliment any combo

BBQ shrimp skewerDeciding on one entrée can be tough. As great as a steak always is, sometimes your appetite is craving both steak and chicken, or steak or seafood, or chicken and ribs. But not all entrées can satisfy those compounding needs.

For those days, we’ve got our Cool Hand Combos! There are seven awesome options to choose from for you, and you get to pick two of them to spoil your taste buds in whatever multiple ways you’re craving that day. And one of the awesome choices we’ve got available on there for you is the BBQ Shrimp Skewer!

These hearty-sized shrimp are cooked to perfection and coated in our delicious BBQ sauce and served together on a skewer. Along with it will even be some extra sauce, so you can really load on the flavor with each bite.

Complete the combo with a steak, some chicken, ribs, or whatever else you think sounds good, and you’ve got yourself a huge meal that’s going to satisfy on multiple levels.

So next time you can’t decide on one thing, first remember that you don’t have to, and then give these BBQ Shrimp Skewers a try!