Appetizer Classic Done Right!

blooming onionThere are some menu items out there offered at enough places that they can certainly be considered as classics. Things such as burgers, certain sandwiches, and even desserts fall into this category.

When it comes to appetizers, the onion blossom is worthy of consideration as one of those classics. And while many places might do one particular thing like this, nobody said that somebody else can’t do it better than other places. That’s exactly what we aim to do with our onion blossom here at Cool Hand Luke’s!

It all starts with a massive onion that we batter and fry to golden perfection. This gives the blooming onion that classic crunch that we all know and love. And sitting in the middle of it all is our own Cajun-style horseradish to add some extra kick to the flavor. When it’s all put together, you’ve got a classic steakhouse appetizer on your hands that we take great pride in!

Couple this together with any of our other entrees and you have a meal that is sure to satisfy. Whether your in the mood for a juicy steak, yummy chicken, or a fine piece of seafood, there are few things that go better with each of them than a crispy onion blossom. So give a try to our onion blossom to kick off your next meal in a great way the next time you visit us at Luke’s!

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