Bacon is always better

bacon wrapped steakWhen you come visit us at Cool Hand Luke’s, you know you can count on a delicious meal, especially if you’re going with one of our many options of steaks.

But that doesn’t mean that beef is the only kind of meat we’re willing to put onto our plates. If you want to add an extra burst of flavor, what better meat to go with than a meat that makes most people a little weak in the knees? We’re talking about bacon here, and that’s some extra taste you can expect with our bacon-wrapped sirloin!

We start off with a 7 oz. sirloin, cut nice and thick, which is a great place to start for any meal. Then we wrap it in hickory bacon to allow the beef and bacon to combine their flavor for a delicious entrée that’s sure to satisfy.

If you love steak, which you’d be crazy not to, and if you love bacon, which you’d be really crazy not to, then this meal is sure to satisfy. Not to mention we’ll serve it up with the regular choices in sides as well!

Come on in and give it a try today!

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