Luke’s Western Rib Eye

steak charredWith so many different options for what to eat, sometimes it’s hard to decide. We’ve been talking about all the health benefits of various different foods as of late. While it is very important to consider the health values and eat in a way that is going to take good care of your body, sometimes it’s just as important to take care of your taste buds, and like they say, moderation in all things. This 13 ounce rib eye steak is a meal that is sure to leave your mouth watering and those taste buds of yours begging for another bite. We take the rib eye, which one of the finest cuts of meat available, taken from just behind the shoulder of the cow. Because the muscles from this area don’t get worked a lot, steaks are usually tender.

We start off by wood smoking our rib eye to help it get that smoky taste, as well as char firing our meat to finish cooking. The char firing gives a sizzling surface and allows for the taste of the open flame to absorb into the steak. With our famous chuck wagon seasoning, every one of the 13 oz. in this steak is going to have your tongue popping with flavor.

After all that, we top it off with sautéed mushrooms and roasted garlic, throw in a side of warm sourdough rolls, salad, or soup campfire beans, and one of our legendary sides to make it a meal to satisfy. Longhorn Rice Pilaf, Garlic Red Mashers, Chef’s vegetables, baked potato, fancy green beans, or fries, really it’s up to you here at Cool Hand Luke’s. Come on in and try this delicious dinner for yourself, and your sure to leave with a full stomach and not one unhappy taste bud.

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