Chocolate Molten Cake

chocolate-lava-cakes3There is nothing quite like a delicious dessert to help you get through the week. We’ve got just the solution for you, our tasty chocolate molten lava cake with a serving of ice cream. This tasty dessert is a dinner classic and there’s no doubt as to why. This decadent dinner dessert features everything great about a sweet dish. The chocolate cake, the gooey fudge in theĀ  center, the cold, smooth ice cream all come together in one delicious bite, and then you are ready for the next.

We make sure to make our dessert plates, like the rest of our dishes, a focus on taste to make you happy. Our chocolate molten lava cake is no exception to that rule, far from it actually. We make our chocolate cake moist and hot. This adds a delicious, smooth chocolate taste that will be playing with your taste buds and have you very excited to take that next bite. Inside that moist chocolate cake, is a gooey, dark chocolate truffle that will help the entire cake melt in your mouth as you are eating. You will enjoy the rich taste that comes with this dark chocolate truffle, and it definitely compliments and aids the dish as a whole. Finally, we top it off with a serving of cold, vanilla bean ice cream. The cold feel combined with that of the warm cake is a staple feature for this classic dish and it helps compliment the gooey dark truffle. Also, this adds a taste of vanilla to help balance out the richness of the chocolate and is the “icing on the cake” of a timeless dinner dessert.

We know what some of the stresses can be like during the work week, so come on in and grab a piece of chocolate cake to help take a breather. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Come try it today!

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