Sizzling Fajitas

fajitas-006Looking for a sizzling, hot dinner tonight? Our fajitas are a hot dinner that will be sure to tickle your taste buds. Fajitas are a classic dinner entrĂ©e in a number of different restaurants, making it a real dinner classic. We love the classics, and especially love to put a Cool Hand Luke’s spin on them, serving them just the right way to our loyal customer family.

When you order a meal of fajitas, there are a number of options available for your disposal to choose from. One of our favorite fajitas is the strips of steak. This is one of the original fajita plates, and has stuck around for a good reason. Starting off with a juicy, tender cut of delicious meat, we grill it to perfection and serve it with bell peppers and onions. If you aren’t feeling like eating steak, we also have a delicious chicken breast fajita or even shrimp fajitas as well available. All three of these are served to you with a delicious bell pepper and onions. However, if those options still don’t seem sufficient to create the perfect meal for you tonight, there’s yet another option. If you like, you can even order the combo plate, which has a combination of steak, chicken breast and shrimp. Now that is a sizzling hot deal!

All of our fajita dishes are served hot and sizzling. We do this to make sure that each bite you take is hot and fresh as if you had just taken it off the grill yourself! Come on in and try it for yourself so that you can experience a Cool Hand Luke’s fajita!

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