This beefy sandwich will be a favorite of yours too

7We’ve got our steaks, we’ve got seafood, we’ve got ribs, and we’ve got chicken. All offer a few options to choose from and all sounding pretty delicious, right?

Then there’s a few other things we’ve got that fall a little bit outside those categories that we have dubbed as our favorites. And one of those favorites is our Santa Maria Tri-Tip Sandwich! This entrĂ©e starts off with a toasted French roll that plays home to a hearty stack of our slow-cooked and thinly-sliced tri-tip beef.

If that already sounds like one heck of a meal, then we’re glad you’re on the same page as we are! Even with just a few ingredients of such high quality, you’re in great shape for a great meal. And when it’s a sandwich appropriately named after a mammoth ship like the Santa Maria, you know there’s no chance of going home with any room left for more food.

So give this favorite of ours a try! Let it become a favorite of yours too.