Can’t Decide Steak or Ribs tonight? No Problem!

Steak-and-Raspberry-chipoltle-ribsIt’s not an uncommon dilemma. You come into a steakhouse with lofty aspirations for a great meal that you know won’t be let down, but you’re not sure what you should choose between a juicy steak or a rack of ribs. Both are a sure victory for your taste buds and both are infinitely desirable.

And you know what? At Cool Hand Luke’s, you can chose BOTH!

With our Cool Hand Combos, you can choose from two great entrees to make an epic meal for those days when you need more than one thing to satisfy your appetite. And when it comes to enjoying both a steak and ribs, you’ve got that option on the table! With your two options, choose the 9 oz. New York Steak and the Raspberry Chipotle Spare Ribs.

Problem solved. You’ve got your steak and your ribs, both of which you know will be excellent. And you didn’t even have to make any tough decisions! Unless of course you wanted chicken and shrimp with that too… But hey, why not throw in a second combo? Make it a meal you’ll remember forever as the one where you left any chance of regret by the wayside!

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