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Meat & Potatoes

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

meat and tatersThe “meat and potatoes diet” has a classic ring to it.

Loaded with protein and carbohydrates, the dietary needs for someone living an active lifestyle are met by this kind of diet. Plus, it’s a combo that is incredibly delicious!

And to make things even better, there are countless ways to prepare a steak along with plenty of great ways to cook up a potato. And at Cool Hand Luke’s we think we’ve got things down pretty well when it comes to preparing each of them. Whether you’re enjoying a baked Idaho potato, our garlic red mashers, or some classic steak fries, you’re bound to enjoy a potato if you so choose along side a handful of choices in steak. We’ve also got ribs and chicken on the menu to cover the meat portion of your meal.

There’s been confusion in recent years about the healthiness of meat and potatoes and it seems that people are realizing again that people had it right long ago. Meat and potatoes give you plenty of what you need, and Cool Hand Luke’s is the place to get it!

Luke’s Legendary Prime Rib

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Prime Rib ResizeGot a hankering for some Prime Rib? We got you covered. Our aged Prime Rib rubbed with Luke’s own seasoning and slow roasted for the most tender cut in these parts. Hand carved to order. Try it medium-rare, Luke’s way. When you couple this juicy selection of prime rib together with a selection from our famous sides menu, whether it’s the herb and garlic asparagus or the bacon mac and cheese, or whatever side fits your taste, this plate will fill any Old Wild West appetite and leave you satisfied. Here at Cool Hand Luke’s Steakhouse/Saloon, we take our Prime Rib to Legendary status. Come on in and try it for yourself at the “Coolest Joint in Town”.